Liquor Gun Systems

CLCSII Fully Computerized Beverage Dispensing Gun System

The Easybar liquor gun system is the preferred choice to prevent unauthorized access to liquor for large casinos, nightclubs and entertainment venues worldwide. Easybar gun systems allow you to dispense and control up to 128 brands of liquor plus cocktails from any combination of guns at any number of bartender stations. Each gun dispenses up to 16 brands and 24 cocktails of up to five ingredients, with each brand of liquor having up to three pour sizes. CLCS can incorporate controls for liquor dispensed directly from the bottle as well as soda, juice, beer or wine. The guns come equipped with diffuser nozzles to prevent splashing and can be custom-labelled for easy brand identification.



  • Controls pour sizes
  • Increases bartender speed
  • Prevents product loss
  • Accounts for all beverages
  • Saves money

How it works


Easybar offers the only liquor system that can combine liquor guns, self-serve cocktail towers, controlled bottle pour spouts and draft beer in a single unified system.


Easybar systems are tailored for existing space requirements and prevent unauthorized access to liquor. Our positive-displacement pumps never allow air to touch the product and any required bottle reserve is possible with our connectable two-to-four-bottle manifolds ensuring every bottle is completely emptied.

Cocktail Service Station - Point of Dispense (1)

Communication Co-Processor (CCP) &
Point of Pump (POP) Electronic

  • Located in pump room
  • Controls all communication with computer and reporting features
  • Located in the pump room
  • Contains electronics which control all shot dispensing
  • Regular POP can accommodate up to 64 brands, Large POP can accommodate up to 128 brands
Shelving rack

Storage Rack

  • Wire shelving rack
  • 600-800 lbs. weight capacity
  • Easily assembled, durable, sanitary
  • 48”W x 18”D x 72”H standard unit
Competitive Advantage - Pump-crop

Positive Displacement Liquor Pumps

  • Hydrator piston pumps do not allow air to directly touch the product so beverage taste is never compromised
  • Positive displacement pumps reset fully before dispensing a second drink, making them the most accurate pump on the market
  • Easybar pumps remain closed until signaled to pour – in the event of a leak no liquor reserve is lost.
  • Standard pump rail includes 16 pumps
pumproom - Manifold-edit


  • Two to four bottle configuration
  • Bottles empty sequentially for easy restocking
  • Manifolds are connectable for any required bottle reserve
  • Quick disconnect fittings on manifolds mean reconfiguring bottle reserve is quick and Easybar bottle stoppers fit inside the bottleneck to prevent spillage when inverting or removing bottles
  • No air touches the liquid from the time the bottle is inverted into the manifold until it is dispensed from the tower or gun ensuring quality of product
  • Slanted manifold allows for complete drainage without removing plastic nozzle inserts

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